Highways, Concrete Moisture Barriers

What causes highways to wear down?
Several things can cause highways to wear down. The thousands of cars and trucks that drive over them weigh down the foundation over time, causing uneven lanes. Moisture such as from rain can cause the steel rebar to corrode and damage the highway, also causing uneven lanes.

How can moisture barriers protect highways?
Concrete moisture barriers can be used to help keep highways in good condition by preventing moisture from corroding the steel rebar, washing away soil, maintaining even moisture levels, and keeping the soil from expanding and contracting. Keeping all of these elements in mind and protecting the soil will help keep the highway from forming uneven lanes and prevent other costly damages.

Main Roads, Concrete Moisture Barriers

What causes main roads to become uneven/bumpy?
Main roads can suffer from foundation failure/damage over time due to vehicles sitting at lights. The roads may get bumpy or uneven at intersections due to the wear and tear from drivers. Moisture can errode soil or corrode the steel rebar in roads.

How can the roads be protected?
Placing concrete moisture barriers down while constructing or repairing roads has been proven to prevent moisture from reaching the steel rebar and soil underneath the roads, therefore preventing corrosion of the steel rebar and shifting of the soil. The moisture barrier can easily help keep roads maintained and slow wear and tear.

Less-Travelled or Country Roads, Slab Waterproofing Moisture Barrier

How do “country roads” form potholes and other damages so easily?
Most “country roads” that are paved are “bare-minimum” and are easily at risk of potholes and the breaking-off of road. These roads are usually paved without rebar, with only leveled soil underneath, and once this soil gets wet, it wears away and the pavement is at risk of breaking off or creating a pothole.

How can these roads be better maintained?
A simple slab waterproofing moisture barrier can be used with these roads can prevent moisture from wearing away the soil underneath making them safer to travel on.