Sidewalks, Concrete Moisture Barrier

What causes sidewalks to crack?
Tree roots are most common for causing cracks and uneven sidewalks. The tree’s roots grow under the sidewalk forcing the sidewalk to be pushed or shifted out of place, as well as drying up the soil and causing the pavement to shift.

How can I prevent tree roots from causing damage to sidewalks?
Sidewalks can be protected by using a concrete moisture barrier. A moisture barrier will prevent the roots from going past the barrier into the sidewalk, as well as keep the necessary moisture in the soil to ensure the sidewalk stays in top shape.

Parks & Playgrounds, Slab Waterproofing Moisture Barrier, Underseal

What causes damages to paved parks and playgrounds?
Usually tree roots are to blame for damages in parks and playgrounds that are paved, but on occasion moisture and weathering can be the cause as well.

How can the damage be avoided?
The best solution that would protect paved parks and playgrounds from both of these problems would be using a concrete slab waterproofing moisture barrier, or underseal. The moisture barrier would act as both a defense against excess moisture and tree roots, as well as a way to help keep in the moisture that is needed to maintain these areas.