Gardens, Root Barriers

How can I keep rodents (moles) or weeds out of my garden?
Using a root barrier would take care of the rodents and weeds, as well as help keep your garden looking great and fresh by helping keep in the moisture that can be dried up by nearby plants and trees.

Landscapes, Root Barriers

How can I protect my landscape from damage?
A root barrier would help protect your landscape from several potential problems. Several of these problems include rodents, such as moles, which dig through the soil and cause unattractive dirt piles throughout your lawn, trees which will dry up the soil near it and dry soil which can be bad for your plants.

The root barrier will keep the rodents out by blocking your landscape off underground, as well as trees that are outside the landscaped area. This will also help keep in any needed moisture needed to keep your landscape looking healthy, especially helpful during dry spells.